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6months to 2yrs – North Finchley

The maximum number of children in this room is 12 with a ratio of one adult to three children.

The room can be split in to two sections to cater for the different development ages if necessary, although we do not restrict the children from moving between the two. This is to ensure the babies who are not moving yet are safe from the toddlers who have started to crawl/ cruise/ walk/ run.

We are a loving nurturing room with dedicated staff who offer the children the opportunity to be in a caring and warm environment providing a home-from-home experience. We adapt our routine to help ensure your child is getting the individual attention they need.

When the children first start in Ladybirds we have a unique settling in pattern for each child,  this depends on how easily they separate from Mum/Dad/Carer. We take into account the needs of both the parent and the child.

The children are able to sleep at the times that suit them, although this often changes within the first couple of weeks as the children are too excited to sleep at play time.

We offer a very nurturing and loving environment in which the children are able to feel safe and secure whilst gaining confidence in exploring and learning.

The general focus of this room is to allow the children the freedom to explore and investigate in their own way whilst encouraging the development of language.

We operate a Key Worker System which enables the child to form a safe attachment to a particular member of staff. This helps the child grow in confidence until they are able to develop relationships with all the staff. This is also beneficial for the parent/s as it means they have a practitioner with a one-to-one knowledge of their child.

With meal times the food is sometimes different to the main menu so that we are sure we are catering to the needs of the children, offering more baby friendly meals, liquidising the food or providing finger food.