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3 to 5 years – North Finchley

This room also provides a warm and caring environment in which the children learn, grow and develop. The aim for the children at this age and stage of their development is to increase their independent learning and prepare them for school.

We offer a range of different and exciting activities designed to develop their social interaction, speech and language, concentration, mark making and general educational needs.

The planning is prepared with the emphasis on the individual. Learning takes on many forms and children differ greatly in their approach; some are visual learners while others are practical, some enjoy learning through games and role-play while other children are happy to sit at a table for extended periods of time.

Activities are often based on the information that the children give us. If a child has a particular interest we use it to further their knowledge and expand their learning.

We do not restrict the children’s learning. If they are ready to progress to a more complex level we will move them forward in a way that works for them. Alternatively if a child is not ready for something we never push them. Instead we gently encourage participation and adapt the activity or learning goal accordingly.

Our aim is for all the children to be confident and posses a high level of self esteem. We want them to partake in all activities even those that may seem a little bit difficult. Encouraging perseverance, critical thinking and active learning.