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BreakfastSnackLunchSnack pmTeaPudding
MondayChoice of CerealsFruit selectionFresh cod loin in a fish sauce with mash and green beansVegetable sticksCheese and chive eggy toastHomemade flapjacks
TuesdayChoice of CerealsBreadsticks and dipsvegetarian sausage and courgette pasta with savoy cabbageFruit bread slicesFish fingers with cous cous and saladGreek yoghurt and honey
WednesdayChoice of CerealsRice CakesJacket potatoes with a variety of fillings and fresh saladHomemade biscuits and milkvegetarian sausage rolls and spaghetti hoopsPetit filous yoghurts
ThursdayChoice of CerealsCream crackersHomemade fish cakes with new potatoes and mixed vegetablesFresh fruitSilly sandwich sticks and vegetable sticksice cream in a cone
FridayChoice of CerealsFruit breadTricolor pasta in ratatouille sauce and mixed vegetablesVegetable sticksHomemade butternut squash soup with freshly made crusty rollsfruit ice lolly

Drinks available: Fruit Smoothies, Milk, Water, Milkshakes, Juice

Fruit will accompany every meal and snack

Children with food allergies will have the closest alternative we can make