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Children learn from free-play and structured activities. We provide daily age appropriate activities to stimulate your child. The planning of the curriculum is of paramount importance and covers all areas of learning. This has a strong influence on language and literacy development, self esteem, confidence building and independent skills.

We are passionate about the care and education we provide at Cupcakes, offering stimulating, fun and exciting opportunities for the children to help them thrive, achieve their own potential and to grow as individuals.

Free play activities such as easel painting, sand and water play, construction and the home-corner are always readily available running alongside adult focused activities. Every room encourages the exploration of messy play activities, using cornflour, pureed fruits, shaving foam, jelly play etc to help stimulate the senses.

At Cupcakes the weekly planning is done via observation of the children, activities are planned according to the interests of the children as well as the staff thinking of themes that will broaden your child’s learning eg, recently the pre-school children learned about Vincent Van Gogh and The Starry Night painting as well as learning about the Beatles whilst looking at how technology has progressed over the years.

At Cupcakes we use an online learning journal called Tapestry, using photos and videos to document the activities your child is doing and assess and track them according to the curriculum.

Each room follows the current Early Years Curriculum and develops activities accordingly. We also implement a Key Worker System throughout the nursery.